Sleep Better with Yansa’s Recertification Service

Enterprises around the world rely on Yansa Lab’s Recertification Service to keep their applications certified and supported on the ServiceNow Store.

Previously, this was only available to ISVs for whom Yansa Labs developed their application. Today, we’re opening up this service to any ISV with an application listed on the ServiceNow Store.

Is this something that could benefit your organization?  Possibly! Let’s dig a little deeper.

As you may know, ServiceNow releases a new platform version twice yearly. At these times, all apps on the ServiceNow Store are required to be ‘re-certified’ to meet the updated requirements and best practices included with the new version. If applications are not recertified after a certain period of time, they will be flagged and eventually delisted from the Store.

For many companies, this is a difficult process. Recertification requirements can be lengthy and challenging without a ServiceNow expert on staff. Deep knowledge of ServiceNow and the contents of each release is necessary to effectively update and recertify an application.

But, no need to fear!

Here at Yansa Labs, we offer our annual Recertification Service subscription to anyone that has an application on the ServiceNow store. We track ServiceNow release dates and take care of the recertification process for you, saving you valuable time, money, and stress! We have an amazing, experienced staff that are excited to meet your recertification needs.

Some of the activities that we will perform are:

  • Upgrade your Development instance to the new lowest-supported release
  • Upgrade your Test instance to the early access release
  • Test your application
  • Validate compliance with the latest ServiceNow best practices
  • Coordinate with the certification team on your behalf
  • Handle minor required code changes 
  • Certify your application for the latest platform release!

The entire process is hands-off for your team, freeing them to drive your business forward.

If you are interested in joining the dozens of organizations that rely on Yansa to keep their apps certified and performing their best on the ServiceNow Store, reach out to us!