OneSearch for Agent Workspace

Organizations around the world rely on OneSearch to federate search sources into a single pane of glass, helping technicians solve problems faster and users find what they need on-demand. Now, the same OneSearch is available on ServiceNow’s next-generation UI…

Introducing OneSearch for Agent Workspace!

As our customers move to Agent Workspace, we want to provide a seamless transition for technicians and help desk staff. Though the workspace may change, OneSearch will be there with the information & actions they need to do their job. Our customers should not sacrifice on search quality or capability, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that the features they need will be there for them.

While designing OneSearch for Agent Workspace, we took stock of the features that our customers rely upon most:

  • Actions: Allow technicians to attach a KB article, link a parent Incident, and more – all with a single click
  • Result templates: Allow admins to tailor the content and appearance of search results
  • Filtering and ordering: Allow users to quickly hone in on the search results they need
  • Search analytics: Track metrics to understand what’s working and what isn’t

We weren’t willing to compromise on those key features, and you’ll find them fully intact in OneSearch for Agent Workspace. In fact, our Agent Workspace component achieves full feature-parity to the standard form version!

While speaking with our customers about Agent Workspace, we also learned of other features they need to take their search experience to the next level. So, we didn’t stop there!

OneSearch now also includes:

  • AI Search integration: Utilizing ServiceNow’s latest machine learning intelligence to improve the accuracy of search results
  • Filters and Order-by fields for scripted search sources: Allowing admins to utilize OneSearch’s powerful end-user filtering/ordering capabilities for any search source, even those external to the ServiceNow environment

These new features are available across all ServiceNow UIs where OneSearch is available – Agent Workspace, standard forms, and Service Portal.

Check out the short video above to see these new features in action.

If you are a current customer, this upgrade should be available for you now in your ServiceNow instance, free-of-charge. If you are not yet a customer, try it out for free from the Service Now Store!

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